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Name: John Billings

Job: Developer / Project Manager, Webmart

Home Address: Bicester, Oxon

Home Telephone: 07711320665

Website: Latest Project: FreePrintManagement - Print Management 2.0

Personal Note: LAMP (where M stands for MSSQL and A stands for IIS - but also the more traditional version), rails but not as much of it as I'd like.

Name: Julian Bond

Job: CTO Ecademy

Home Address: Ware, Herts

Home Telephone: 01920 412 433

Mobile Telephone: 077 5907 2173

Blog: Voidstar

Skype: julian.bond

Personal Note: php, LAMP, Delphi, VB

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Name: Philip Skinner

Home Address: Luton, Bedfordshire.

Mobile Telephone: 07811 377516

Business Address: OnlineGalleries, Hoxton Square, London.

Website: http://www.fanfics.org

Personal Note: None.

Do you miaouw ?

Name: Olivier Duprez (alias ze kat)

Job: Web projects manager

Home Address: Valenciennes, France.

Yahoo! Messenger: olie_ze_kat (I require you describe yourself)

Business Address: Netchallenge, France.

Website: Olivier ze kat LiFE-LiNE stream

Personal Note: Manager of Y!M Plus unofficial add-on. And owners LiFE2Front (future) social network.

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School/Business Address:

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Personal Note:

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