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Enhanced Presence

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 2 months ago

2 Proposed Hacks


Skype Meets TwitterVision


A desktop App that uses the Skype API, geocoding, local http server, Google/Yahoo Maps to display your Skype Contacts as a Twittervision style display in a browser.


Optionally pop up notifications when one of your contacts changes their mood, location or online status.


There's a proof of concept here. But it's built very manually and needs to be local to the copy of Skype.


People Needs

  • Experienced VB / C# programmers
  • Yahoo Geocoding and Maps specialist


Enhanced Presence

Two displays and approaches. A Twittervision Map style display as well as a plain old text, web display. (And lots of REST/RSS APIs and desktop apps)

- Static Snapshot. Where are my friends? What are they doing"

- Dynamic. Which of my friends have recently updated something.


The first one is a display of all my friends at once with their last update. The second is the most recent 20 or so updates from my friends on constant re-display.


- Skype and other IM systems know if I'm online.

- Google Calendar knows what I'm doing.

- Loki.com (and my cellphone) know where I am.

- Twitter has my latest thought

- Any number of Social Networks know who my friends are.


The challenge is to mash these systems together into one coherent service.


Both of these pose some substantial programming challenges. Especially in the areas of Privacy and Identity.


People Needs

  • Web API programming
  • Yahoo Geocoding and Maps
  • People with knowledge of Identity issues, eg OpenID


I've got access to LAMP and Windows hosting if needed



Julian Bond


Skype (boo! Skype URLs not supported)


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