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The Big List of Hacks

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

What are you working on?...


I (Simon Harriyott) have written a del.icio.us utility to check whether your bookmarks have any dead links.


I (Lance Wicks) have written a little hack that gets a Nabaztag bunny to talk to you and tell you when a new member of mybloglog visits your blog.

I (Lance Wicks) have also written a little hack that gets a Nabaztag bunny to talk to you and tell you what plaze someone is at, it also updates twitter.


The Hacked! live conference game is still playing: post-its on backs and Flickr uploads... (Tom Scott)


OsdeInfo & co are working on a web service/app using flickr api and machine tags to let you attribute a composite photo to all of its Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike (by-sa.cc) licenced elements http://bysacc.osde.info/ and now http://www.by-sa.cc/ !


Geir Freysson (blog) just launched his hack: Nabazhack! It allows you to set alarms so that your nabaztag bunny can remind you when your favorite tv/radio shows are about to start.


Yoan Blanc (Yahoo! Paris Office, blog) a NetVibes module for Yahoo! Answers API (questionSearch). Grab it here.


I made a Teenage Angst / Nested Tag Cloud thing with the BBC agony aunt data.


I made a wifi strength detecting badge with a wifi strength detector and a badge. (Dave 'drew the pictures' ;) )


For hackday we made Boxr a capture the telephone box location/pervasive game. Sign up to play! when you capture a phone, you phone a skype bot which then shunts the recording of dtmf tones to a script to register your teams win, how many points, etc. Ajax front end updates automatically, the yahoo map and scores, so you can view the game live online. But wait theres more! We notify the twitter feeds when a game event occurs - an ideal feature for when you're out and about playing the game. have fun!


I (Olivier D. alias ze kat) have played around "My Yahoo!" unknown API, built some utilities, and a stranger product named "mYahoo! Wall feat. Flickr". See my Hackday sandbox. All I have learned will be use for my personal projects on LiFE2Front network

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