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In an effort to cut off the massive flow of "I'm attending, want to make a team" traffic that I've already contributed to - and because there seems to be no other official discussion routes! - I've set up this strictly unofficial wiki for Hack Day. Please be bold in updating, and tell folks about it; although hopefully something more official will come along eventually! -- Tom Scott


Useful Info

Official Hack Day Page

Getting to Alexandra Palace

Upcoming event details

Small print terms and conditions (PDF)


Forming Teams, Alliances, Guilds or Loose Associations of People

Nothing concrete, nothing required, but if you want to arrive at Hack Day knowing there's people nearby that you can collaborate with, or ask about that tricky problem, put your name down here. If teams start discussing with each other, spin off a separate page.



NameAccessibility & UsabilityPHP, Perl, Python, Ruby.NETFlash & FlexXHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax XML, XSL, SVG e.t.c Graphic DesignSemantic WebMicroformatsMashups & RemixArduino based hardware hax0ringMusic/MIDI
Jonathan Chetwynd mail demo (nightlies only need apply ~:") X
Martin Sarsini email web X
Kate Bolin email web X
Leon Brocard email web Perl
Dave Cross email web Perl
Kake Pugh email web (possibly interested in doing something craft or cookery related) Perl
Tom Scott email web - interested in making entertaining stuff like gamesPHP
Tom Morris mail blog PHP
Bruno Pedro blog PHP
Gareth Rushgrove email web PHP
Nuno Loureiro blog PHP
Celso Martinho blog PHP
Alistair Macdonald email blog PHP
Simon Harriyott mail blog X
Chris Riley email web but I only know a few bits related to XML stuff. X
Thom Shannon/Derek Fowler/Michael James web app developers, also js/ajax/gresemonkey/xml/xsl, some other skills would be useful for our little team X
Frankie Roberto blog (although relatively new to it)Ruby
James Cox blog which i should update want to try and build something physically useful and / or funRubyhardware hax0ring
Fred Oliveira webRuby
James Darling webRuby
Caz Mockett mail blogCSS / XHTML
Chris Riley email webCSS / XHTML
Kake Pugh email web (I'm mostly a Perl person, but I know a bit about CSS and can help with stuff if nobody more experienced is available at the time)CSS / XHTML
Martin Sarsini email web (already have some ideas about something cool, but also open to every project)CSS / XHTML
Fred Oliveira [mailto:fredatweberakstuff.comemail] web CSS / XHTML
Kate Bolin email webCSS / XHTML
James Darling webCSS / XHTML
Tom Morris mail blogX
Chris Riley email web mainly basic XSL, but I get by.X
Ian Forrester blogX
Jonathan Chetwynd mail demo (nightlies only need apply ~:")X
Ian Forrester blogX
Chris Riley email webJavaScript+Ajax
Gareth Rushgrove email webJavaScript+Ajax
Fred Oliveira webJavaScript+Ajax
Celso Martinho blogJavaScript+Ajax
Graeme Sutherland email web - thinking maybe RSS, APML kind of stuff.X
Otu Ekanem email webX
Uldis Bojārs mail blog foafX
Gareth Rushgrove email webX
Caz Mockett mail blogGraphics Design
Dominic Edmunds mail web - would love to add that little visual touchGraphics Design
Tom Morris mail blogSemantic Web
Uldis Bojārs mail blog foafSemantic Web
Ian Forrester blogSemantic Web
Caz Mockett mail blogUsability
Gareth Rushgrove email webMicroformats
Tom Morris mail blogMicroformats
Fred Oliveira webMicroformats
Celso Martinho blogMarshups and Remix
James Darling web - similar hardware hax0ringMusic/MIDI


Add your language or speciality...

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