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BBC Vision - Multiplatform, Innovation and Development Studio (Fiction & Entertainment).



Fiction & Entertainment are responsible for a whole array of BBC sites from EastEnders, to Collective, from Celebdaq to Movies, from Slink to The Apprentice.


We've raided our servers, dusted down the swag, and offer the contents for your entertainment this weekend, including ...


  • Dr Who Classic Episode Guide
  • BBC Comedy Guide
  • EastEnders Episode and Character Guides
  • Movie Reviews
  • Slink Agony Aunt & Horoscopes


See the MANIFEST section below for more. Please do build something fun.


Get the data here ->



speak to : Matt Chadburn, Darren Hurley, Matt Haynes who will all be kicking around over the weekend.


or leave a message at :

- http://hackdaylondon07.backnetwork.com/Chat/logs.aspx

- http://www.hackdayforum.com/forums/3



Over the weekend the data is available under the standard Backstage terms of use - http://backstage.bbc.co.uk/archives/2005/01/terms_of_use.html


After Hackday has finished (from 18th June) all data will revert to the standard BBC terms and conditions. More specifically, read section 3 of http://www.bbc.co.uk/terms/


If that causes you any distress do let us know. We may be able to help.



./drwho/ - The Dr Who Episode Guide


A guide to the original series. Plots, quotes, goofs, and weird paperwork. Over 600 episodes, 150 stories, two TV movies and K9's spin-off show.


./comedy/ - The BBC Comedy Guide


Information about every comedy show shown on UK television from the 1930s to the present day. With cast and crew listings, reviews, pictures ...


./eastenders/episodes/ - EastEnders Episode Guide


Summary of every episode of Eastenders aired in the last 7 or so years.


./eastenders/characters_cast/ - EastEnders Characters


Character biog's and the often complex (!) familial relationships of past and present EastEnders.


./movies/ - Movie DVD & Cinema Reviews


Reviews of most, if not every, mainstream film released in the UK over the past few years.


./slink/agony_aunt/ - Slink Agony Aunt


Over 500 answers to your body, sex and medical questions, indexed by a keyword lookup. Please treat this data with the maturity it deserves!


./slink/horoscopes/ - Slink Horoscopes


Daily teen horoscopes for each star sign dating from mid-2006.



If the above isn't enough you could also use data we've previously released for other projects.




Celebdaq & Sportdaq are based around sharing trading on the uk media coverage of celebrities and sports personalities. Here's the live market data.




Miscellaneous bits and pieces of data surrounding uk cinema releases.

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