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Where Are You

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Front row of tables


From left to right, facing the stage


Table 1




Ann McMeekin (pixeldiva)

Kate Bolin (katemonkey)

Michela Ledwidge (.M.)


Table 2 (We have the orange pointing hand thingy)

Jamie van Dyke

Peter Cooper

Geir Freysson

John Billings

Andrew Savory

Tim Nash


Table 3 (rocking just left of the whiteboard)


Tom Scott

Alistair MacDonald

Graham Sutherland

Adam Cohen-Rose

Cristiano Betta


Table 4

Gervase Markham

Mark Berry

Manar Hussain

Martin Kleppe

Simon Harriyott

Etienne Pollard

James Cronin


Table 5

Robert "Leeky" Lee-Cann

Caz Mockett

Sheila Allen

Glyn Wyntle

Martin Sarini


Second row


Table 1



Table 2


Table 3

Amelia (camel)

Leon Brocard

Leo Lapworth

Tom Insam

Edward Betts


Table 4


Table 6 (nearest beanbags - all Mac table)

James Aylett

Josh Russell

David Dorward

Marco van Hylckama Vlieg

Neil Crosby

Steven Webster

Ed Eliot

Dave Stone

Aral Balkan

Niqui Merret



Back row


Table 1


Table 2


Table 3

Julian Bond


Table 4 (Second Life Hacks Table)

Jim Purbrick (Babbage Linden)

Chris Mahoney (Christopher Linden)


People who are BUCKING the SYSTEM



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